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  • National Taichung Theater

    National Taichung Theater

    National Taichung Theater is an opera house in the 7th Metropolitan area of Taichung, Taiwan. The estimated area of the structure is 57,685 square metres (620,920 sq ft). It was designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito. It was contracted on 11 November 2009 with construction planned for 45 months.

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  • Dining Map

    Dining Map

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  • Maple Garden

    Maple Garden

    No matter which season it is, walking in the Maple Garden is a visual enjoyment! Located next to Taiwan Boulevard in Taichung City, Maple Garden is a unique U-shaped recreational greenland for the city residents. It has an area of 3 hectares, and contains a lake, red trees, green grass, and observatory bridge. It is a great place for talking a walk, going on a date, and exercising. During the day, there is comforting greenness, and at night, it is filled with sleepless lighting. It has only been opened for half a year, and has rapidly become one of the most famous scenic spots in Taichung.

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    MON-THU 11:00~22:00
    SAT -SUN 10:30~22:00

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  • Top City

    Top City

    MON-THU 11:00~22:00
    SAT -SUN 10:30~22:00

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  • Calligraphy Greenway

    Calligraphy Greenway

    Calligraphy Greenway comes in 3.6 kilometers, ranging north from National Museum of Natural Science to National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in the south. It’s an urban space structure shaped in a kind of long and wide stripe. Along the stripped space, National Museum of Natural Science, Civil Square, Park Lane by CMP, gallery space, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and food court are gathered here to offer a variety of merry events, activities, etc., upbeat spirits, fun in all forms. That’s why this urban space is named Calligraphy Greenway owing to that the atmosphere, tempo, and movement of those events within it are free, flexible that’s just like the cursive writing of Chinese calligraphy.

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  • Feng Chia Night Market

    Feng Chia Night Market

    One of the most famous night markets in Taichung, Feng Chia Night Market is located within 1 kilometer of Feng Chia University. It includes the Fengjia Wen Hua Night Market, Xitun Road, Fengjia Road, and Fuxing Road. The snacks in the night market will make you drool. The clothing is unique and fairly priced. In addition, the most fashionable mobile phones are also the cheapest in Taichung. The parking problems have improved tremendously behind the effort of Ministry of Transportation and Communications. You can go shopping without any worries, and you will not face the problem of being unable to find a parking spot.

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  • National Museum Of Natural Science

    National Museum Of Natural Science

    National Museum Of Natural Science is located in Taichung City. The Museum had its grand opening in 1986. So far, the museum has four multi-media theaters for different subjects, including Space Theater, Birdview Theater, Three-dimensional Theater and Environment Theater. In addition, there are the park encompassing the greenhouse for tropical rainforest and the outdoor exhibition of evolution of low-altitude plants in Taiwan. It is the largest recreational and educational center in the country and it is the best-equipped museum.

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  • National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

    National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

    The Taiwan Museum of Art, which opened in 1988, has a total of 24 exhibition halls. The museum regularly holds exhibitions of Western art, Chinese brush paintings, and sculpture, and has its own collection of valuable pieces of art. Residents can relax in the garden outside the museum.

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  • Taichung Park

    Taichung Park

    Taichung Park is the oldest park in Taichung city. Built in the Japanese-ruling era and with a space of 10 acres, the park base at that time was the garden, named Ruixuan and actually donated by the Lin family in Wufeng, together with the old Beimen Building. Taichung Park features many pretty landscapes, such an artificial lake, pavilion, arch bridge, etc. There are also lots of recreational equipments, like outdoor stadium, playground, and tennis court. Some extraordinary European-style building and Houxing Pavilion were constructed in 1908 in celebration of the launch of the Taiwan Railway stretching from north to south in Taiwan. Houxing Pavilion has also been the symbol of Taichung City since the Japanese-ruling era and it’s hence officially declared as a city-designated historical site in 1999.

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  • Miyahara


    Miyahara Eye Hospital is actually an ice cream joint. It was an eye clinic built by a Japanese optometrist- Miyahara (Gong Yuan) during the time of the Japanese occupation.

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  • Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park

    Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park

    Next to Taichung Railway Station, Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park occupies a space of 5.6 acres. Previously in the Japanese-ruling era, it was Taishō Brewing Joint-stock Company, which was the largest brewery in Taiwan; later on, it’s changed to Taiwan Provincial Tobacco and Liquor Monopoly Bureau in 1957.

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  • Taichung Metropolitan Park

    Taichung Metropolitan Park

    Taichung Metropolitan Park is designed to conserve nature, to educate citizens and to provide a leisure space. Citizens can spend the leisure hours here to expose themselves to the nature and to learn more about the ecologic system. The main purpose of the park is to provide a leisure space, purify the air, reduce air pollution, conserve water and soil, regulate temperature and reduce noise.

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  • Hofung Bicycle Green Way

    Hofung Bicycle Green Way

    Hofung Bicycle Green Way is one of the most popular bike ways in Taichung. The place attracts countless of people each weekend. The bike way was originally a tunnel, it goes all the way to Houli Train Station. While riding the bike, you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries and breeze in fresh air.

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  • 921 earthquake museum of Taiwan

    921 earthquake museum of Taiwan

    At 1:47 a.m. on September 21, 1999, Taiwan experienced one of its worst natural disasters of the past century-- a 7.3-magnitude earthquake that devastated the central part of the island. The 921 earthquake museum of Taiwan located in Wufeng County conserved the damage caused by Chi-Chi earthquake such as collapsed school buildings, fault rupture and elevation of riverbank. And thus the museum is a precious teaching material for natural science. All the construction of the museum was done by September 2007, and it included Chelungpu Fault Gallery, Earthquake Engineering Hall, Image Gallery, Disaster Prevention Hall, and Reconstruction Records Hall.

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  • Dajia Jenn Lann Temple

    Dajia Jenn Lann Temple

    Daijia Jenn Lann Temple is one of the most famous Matzu Temples in Taiwan. It has over 200 years of history. It is filled with pilgrims all year long. The inspection tour held in March every year has become a world-famous religious ceremony. It has attracted domestic and international tourists. It is a scenic spot that best represents Dajia. The violet jade Matzu of Jenn Lann Temple and the Golden Matzu in the basement of Matzu cultural museum are the treasures of the temple. Now, Matzu is considered one of the three treasures of Taichung. It is a scenic spot you must visit in Taichung.

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